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[Announcement] LSFMD l - l OFFICIAL HANDBOOK
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[Image: ysNwX1n.png]

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. General Information

3. Chain of Command

4. Rules and Regulations

5. Divisions

6. Communications

7. Field Training

8. Extra Support



The Fire Department San Andreas is one of the busiest and active factions in San Andreas with people getting injured all the time the Fire Department San Andreas must be there to treat them to the best of our ability. It can be a hectic faction but also very fun as there multiple Divisions for active members to join. Including Fire Division, Human Resources, Internal Affairs and Life Flight. Everyone when they join is defaulted to Emergency Services (General Duties) which consists of saving the lives of all the injured people in San Andreas. This is the most important division and must be done professionally.

2.General Duties

A-Jurisdiction Lines

The Fire Department San Andreas is a medical department that ensures that the entire of San Andreas is protected and served. Our jurisdiction lines are all over San Andreas besides Tierra Robada. We have three ways of getting to a designated location; either by land, air or water.


B- Commands

• Lockers /locker

The locker room is an important part of the FDSA, as it will help you get your uniform and equipment.

• Faction Radio /r

This radio is used to talk to other FDSA members. It must be used ICly, although it can have a short OOC questions, as long as you use OOC brackets (( )). 

• Department Radio /dept

This radio is used to talk with all other Government departments and should not be abused in any way. All low ranks must ask permission to use it or it can result in a strike depending on the situation. It must also never be used for OOC chat.

• Megaphone /m

This is an extremely useful tool that will alert anybody within a large area. It is used to tell cars to pull over or give way if your sirens are active.

• Calling for Backup /backup

This command will alert all of the agencies of your current location and, if they are close enough it will display a beacon on their GPS (mini map).

• Cancelling Backup /nobackup

If you no longer require backup, use this command to remove the beacon from anybody nearby.

• Displaying your badge /badge

This will put your badge on or off, causing your name to swap between Pink and white. It should be on whiles on-duty.

• Showing your Badge /showbadge

This will show your badge to anybody who needs to see it. This is a great way to show who you are and what department and division you're in.

• Government announcement (/gov)

This command will cause a large announcement to be broadcasted to everybody in San Andreas. It should never be abused and never use if for OOC chat.

• Accepting a call /getpt

This command is used to accept a patients call when they are in need. Once you accept the call a red beacon will appear on your GPS (mini map). Note: Must always accept the first call.

• Moving a patient /movept

This command is used when you cannot bring your vehicle closer to the patient, it will move your patient closer to your vehicle. Note: Must be Roleplayed and remember to click the fire button when you want to place the patient down.

• Treating a patient /heal

This command is very useful. It heals a patient that is close to you. Note: Must be Roleplayed and must not over do the costing ($1000 is the recommended price)

• Treating a patient /triage

This command will give the patient 15HP. Note: Must be Rolleplayed.

• Delivering a patient /deliverpt
This command is used when you are at a hospital icon saying “/deliverpt”. Note: Must be Roleplayed.


C- Equipment

Fire Extinguisher

Shotgun Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

3. Chain of Command

Duty as a Firefighter

As a basic you are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the Fire Department San Andreas works. If somebody is a higher rank than you and tells you something, you better listen and do it. Ensure that you are doing your duties correctly, if you are having trouble with anything follow the chain of command.

Note: Using /dept will give you a strike if you don’t have granted permission from a Paramedic or higher.

Duty as an Intermediate 

As a intermediate you are now known as a true member in the FDSA. You are in a position all basics and must set a good example to everyone. You are now eligible to apply for certain divisions. Ensure that all basics know what to do and show them the correct way. (You still need permission to use /dept).

Note: Using /dept will give you a strike if you don’t have granted permission from a Paramedic or higher.

Duty as a Paramedic 

As a Paramedic you are now a trusted member to FDSA. You now have authority over all intermediates and basics. You are to show a excellent standard to everyone. Ensure that all basics and intermediates are doing their duties correctly. You can give permission to anyone who is asking to go off duty with a valid reason, no other permission are granted to you).

Duty as a Lieutenant 

As a Lieutenant you are now in charge of an entire division and must ensure everybody does their duties correctly, especially the Paramedics. You are now able to give out strikes and merits to all medics. Ensure that everything is informed every step of the way. There are 2 positions for a Lieutenant:

- The Human Resource Lieutenant (HR) is the supervisor of Human Resource division. They are eligible to accept/decline applications from citizens of San Andreas or from people trying to join the division, do interviews and training. They are also to over watch the faction and help anyone in need. 

- The Fire Rescue Lieutenant (FR) is the supervisor of the Fire division. They are eligible to accept applications for the fire division. They also over watch the faction and help anyone in need.

- The Internal Affairs Lieutenant (IA) is the supervisor of the Internal Affairs division. This mean they over watch the faction and look at IA reports, they also make sure no one is breaking or disobeying the rules both in the faction or on the streets.

Duty as a Captain 

As a Captain you are eligible to give any permission to anyone. You must ensure that everyone is doing their duties correctly, especially Lieutenants. You are also to ensure that everyone is feeling safe and is happy with everything. 

- The Administrations Captain (ADM) is the Supervisor of all divisions mainly forums but IG as well, the role of this position is to ensure the forums are running smoothly and everything is being dealt correctly. 

- The Operations Captain (OPH) is the Supervisor of all divisions IG but can assist the ADM on forums. The role of this position is to ensure that everybody is doing his or her duties correctly in-game and that nobody is messing around (aka horseplay).

Duty as a Deputy Chief and Chief 

As a Deputy chief or Chief you are now in control of the whole department and must show discipline and over watch the medics. 

4. Rules and Regulations

LSFMD is a strict faction and will not tolerate unprofessionalism, bad manners, horseplay and so on. The following rules and regulations are in place too not only helping you but to make sure everyone is respected equally.

- Strike System

[X] Failure to use teamspeak while on duty.

[X] Unprofessional behaviour at public events/reassignments.
[X] Do not; be Immature or otherwise show inappropriate behavior.
[X] No Reckless driving/ramming.
[X] Do not; Patrol without being in the correct uniform.
[X] Do not; Patrol in an ambulance without being on duty.
[X] Do not; rage about your rank or ask for promotions. [Can be worse!!!]
[X] Do not; Accept calls then not go to them, or purposefully not accepting calls.
[X] Do not; use /nos or /hyd on any faction vehicle.
[X] Do not; go AFK while in the on duty channel

[XX] Do not; OOC/IC Disrespect another member of the FDSA.
[XX] Do not; Disobey direct orders from the High Command.
[XX] Do not; Abuse Faction Commands (I.E /m, /heal).
[XX] Possession of narcotics over the legal quantity.
[XX] Do not; Abuse /r.
[XX] Do not; Abuse /Dept.
[XX] Do not; Use Non-RP Toys.
[XX] Do not; Use Binds.
[XX] Discharge of a low grade weapon.

[XXXX] Do not; Skip Role Play must last 5-10 Minutes.
[XXXX] Carrying/Discharge of a High Classed Weapons (I.E Degal, M4 etc).
[XXXX] Abuse of Faction Weapons.

[XXXXX] Murder or Attempted Murder.
[XXXXX] Creating/Causing Faction Tension.

1 IA Strike(s): You will be watched closely by Internal Affairs.
2 IA Strike(s): You will be talked to by me directly (director of IA) or High Command.
3 IA Strike(s): 1 Day - 1 Week Suspension Depending on how bad the strike is.
4 IA Strike(s): Possible Demotion and a Suspension
5 IA Strike(s): Termination.
10 IA strike(s): Faction banned.


To join any Division within the FDSA you need the following Requirements:

-Intermediate Rank (R1+)

Fire Department San Andreas have 4 divisions. Once you have obtained the rank from a high rank you may proceed to the Forums and in the FDSA Section, there is a section called “Division Recruitment” in this section you will find threads that are Sticked at the top with will show “[Recruitment: ]” it will either show as “OPEN” or “CLOSED” if it is open you can then fill out that template and the leader of the Division will reply to tell you if you were Accepted or Denied into the Division. 

Any Application made when the Division is CLOSED will just be denied instantly.

A- Human Resources
Human Resource (HR) Division is to recruit new FDSA members who are interested in joining the Faction. The Human Resource Duties include:

- Accepting/Denying Applications
- Giving an Applicant an Interview/Ride along
- Providing RP help to other FDSA Members

Accepting or Denying Applications is the first step in attempting to get into FDSA. This is the second most important part in being a Human Resource as to make sure that we are not letting people join who are faction banned etc.

Giving an Applicant an Interview or Ride along is the first most important part to make sure that the applicant can show their medical knowledge and their location skills. 

You must remember that you are not only to do applications and interviews or ride longs but to make sure that the members who are in FDSA still have a good understanding of RP, medical knowledge and locating.
If you have any Questions or want to Learn more about the Human Resource (HR) contact the Director/Leader of the Division or any HR member and they will answer any Questions you may have.


B- Life Flight

Life Flight (LF) Division is used where Ambulances cannot go, such as mountains, top of buildings or the sea. The Life Flight duties include:

- Flying to the Scene

- Using boats to rescue people from other Boats or from the sea

- You will give the advanced support where Ambulances cannot go or reach.

It will be your duty to make sure you save people from locations that are unreachable by ambulances you will be working hard getting on scene to the patient in tough locations, this may include going on top of building and going out across the sea.

You will have access to using Boats, Helicopters depending on the situation or location of the patient for when someone calls in for Life Flight Service.

This could also be used to transport patients if an Ambulance is far from an hospital which gives the patient a very high chance to survive depending on the patients condition that (s)he has suffered.

If you have any Questions or want to Learn more about the Life Light (LF) contact the Director/Leader of the Division or any LF member and they will answer any Questions you may have.


C- Fire Department

Fire Department (FD) Division is used when someone reports a Fire, Fire Alarm or anything Fire hazard that may occur, the Duties include:

- Using Fire Trucks

- Making sure the Scene / public safety is all in order

- Making sure any Fires are put out and making any Fire Hazard safe to the public

When Someone reports a Fire, you will be dispatched to tackle the fire hazard until the fire hazard is safe for public use, you will also attend to any building when Fire Alarms are going off and try to find the cause of why the Fire Alarms went off, you will also asses if there is a hazard issue before leaving the scene as you will need to protect the whole community.

You will also make sure that all public members are out of any burning building, vehicle or a building with Fire Alarms going off, you will also make sure that the area cannot be accessed by public members after a fire in case the building is not stable enough.

If you have any Questions or want to learn more about the Fire Department (FD) contact the Director/Leader of the Division and they will answer any Questions you may have.



Communication is one of the most important things for Fire Department San Andreas. Without the radio ((/r)) things cannot run smoothly. All members of the Fire department are to be issued a double frequency radio ((/dept)). Using the department radio should only be used with permission from a Paramedic or higher. Misuse of the radio can equal to strikes and even a kicks. 

A- Codes

Status Codes: 

Code 0: Game crashed 
Code 1: Routine response (Deal with your current situations, then respond. No siren.) 
Code 2: Urgent response (Drop what you are doing. Siren.) 
Code 3: Emergency Response (All units respond.) 
Code 4: No further assistance required 
Code 33: Radio silence, unless relevant (If you just come on-duty, code 33 will be re-introduced to the member that came on-duty)

Radio Codes:

10-1: Receiving poorly 
10-2: Receiving well 
10-3: Stop transmitting 
10-4: Message received 
10-6: Busy, but available 
10-8: In service / On duty 
10-9: Repeat last transmission 
10-10: Off duty 
10-22: Disregard 
10-23: Standby 
10-76: En route 
10-85: Checking area 
10-97: At scene


7. Filed Training


All FDSA members will be required to do certain field training when a lieutenant or higher command decides to start it. Disobeying a direct order can result in punishment and will not be tolerated. Field training can occur on any day at any time. The training may include:

• Doing medical treatment on an injured civilian in San Andreas.
• Doing field training with a group of fellow FDSA members.
• Getting told to drive to certain locations.
• Having to do a revision on the hand book.


8. Extra Support

Frequently asked questions are as follows;

Q. I want to improve my Roleplaying Skill who do I ask?

A. Ask any Human Resource (HR) Member they will give extra Training and tips.

Q. I’m in the Fire Department (FD) who do I ask for extra training?

A. If you’re in the (FD) Division talk to the Director/Leader and they will have the best knowledge, they should help you out with anything you need.

Q. I’m a Basic Rank how do I get promoted?

A. Ask a Captain+ to see how many Patients you have Delivered if you have met the Requirements they will tell you to get a “Promotion Test” by the lieutenant of HR or higher and then get approved by the High Command.

Q. My Questions weren't answered, how do I find out more?
A. This handbook is to help you out as much as possible, If you have any problems or queries just contact the chain of command or head straight to your director of Human Resources.



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