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  The Black Hand Triands (BHT)
Posted by: Justine - 1 hour ago - Forum: Current Official Gangs - No Replies

The Black Hand Triands:


Founder:Shan Saito

Co Founder:N/A


Total Members:3

BY:D.O.G.M Justine

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  The Black Dragons
Posted by: Justine - 1 hour ago - Forum: Current Official Gangs - No Replies

The Black Dragons:

Bandana:Dark Green

Founder:Jack Murphy



Total Members:5

BY:D.O.G.M Justine

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  Verona Crime Organization (VCO)
Posted by: Justine - 1 hour ago - Forum: Current Official Gangs - No Replies

Verona Crime Organization:


Founder:Byakko & Damian

Co Founder:Bobby Escobar

Headquarters:Verona Beach

Total Members:13

BY: D.O.G.M Justine

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Posted by: Justine - 1 hour ago - Forum: Gang/Family Creation - No Replies

Gang Application [Requests & Format]


1.Knows How To Roleplay.
2.Must Have 3 to 5 Members.
3.No Restricted Cars For Gang.
4.All Members Should Know How To Roleplay Or The Basics.
5.Player Must Have Dynamic Doors For His Gang HQ. If You Dont Have Money Or Dynamic Doors I Can Give You Free But Make Sure Your Application Is Good And No Errors.


This is our format for gang applications. Before posting you should be informed about something:
 - Before admin create your family you should have atleast 3 to 5 members of gang.
 - Whenever you want bring people to your gang you gotta RP with them and test them (RPing or OOC test or both of them):
 - All of your gang's members have to know how to RP and cant break the rules, you're responsible for them.

When some family breaks the rules, it will earn a strike and deleted at 3 strikes, so be careful to not break the rules.

Regarding the application: we have zero tolerance to copy+paste on the application, if you copy a text from other site we have found it and you can get a warn or ban from the forum. You must too respect the number of words requested or your application can be denied. I hope you have read this, you can now go ahead to apply!


IG Name: 
Playing Hours:

Name of the gang you want to create:

Co-Leaders (optional):

Family Story (minimum of 500 words): 

Family Cars (10 in total):


Color of the family cars (colorid): 

Family ranks:

8 -
7 -
6 -
5 -
4 -
2 -
1 -
0 -

Family skins (maximum of 8 skins):

Family HQ (write the location or post here a Screen Shot of the place):


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  LSPD - Official Handbook
Posted by: Bartlett - 7 hours ago - Forum: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - No Replies

[Image: wPRaPhW.png]
Los Santos Police Department
Official Handbook

Table of Contents
  • 1- Introduction
  • 2- Armory
  • 3- Communications
  • 4- Force Matrix
  • 5- Miranda Rights
  • 6- Chain of Command
  • 7- Internal Affairs

1- Introduction

The Police Department primary mission and goal is to  provide equal and fair enforcement of the law, to reassure all citizens of the United States of their constitutional rights, and ensure equal protection of life.

 2- Armory

Cadet Armory

  • Nightstick
  • Pepperspray
  • Tazer
  • Desert Eagle
  • Pump-Action

Officer+ Armory
  • Nightstick
  • Pepperspray
  • Tazer
  • Desert Eagle
  • Pump-Action
  • Machine Pistol Model 5
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • Spencer Repeating Rifle (During situations)

Sergeant+ Armory
  • Nightstick
  • Pepperspray
  • Tazer
  • Desert Eagle
  • Machine Pistol Model 5
  • Pump-Action 
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • Spencer Repeating
  • Sniper Rifle(During situations)
  • Franchi SPAS-12(During situations)
  • Tear Gas (During situations)

3- Communications

All members of the Los Santos Police Departments are issued a double frequency radio with a department, ((/r))  radio which is used to communicate with other police Officers and the Cross Department ((/dept)) radio which allows you to communicate with all Government agencies in  Los Santos. This should only be used with permission from a Sergeant, however the highest ranking officer on-duty is permitted to respond to other departments if command staff are unable.

Status Codes:

  • 10-1 – Transmitting poorly
  • 10-2 – Transmitting clearly
  • 10-3 – Stop transmitting
  • 10-4 – Message received (not yes, it means that you heard the message)
  • 10-6 – Off Duty but in for emergency calls (for paperwork and personal matters)
  • 10-7 – Off Duty, not in for emergency calls ((In Game but Off Duty))
  • 10-8 – On Duty, responding to calls
  • 10-9 – Repeat Message
  • 10-10 – Off Duty, ((Out of game))
  • 10-15 – Male in Custody
  • 10-15f – Female in Custody
  • 10-19 – Return to Station / Returning to Station
  • 10-21 – Phone Call
  • 10-22 – Disregard Last Message
  • 10-26 – Traffic Stop
  • 10-26a – High Risk Traffic Stop (need backup, traffic stop at gunpoint)
  • 10-28 – Vehicle Registration Check
  • 10-29 – Wants/Warrant Check
  • 10-76 – Enroute to [Location]
  • 10-80 - Pursuit in Progress, move all non essential radio traffic to channel 2 ((/r))
  • 10-87 – Meet Officer [Location]
  • 10-85 - Arrived in Area (Area Check)
  • 10-88 – Request Cover Unit (Used on traffic stops)
  • 10-97 – Arrived at Scene
  • 10-98 - All units on call clear and go 10-8
  • 10-99 - End of Situations

  • 11-10 – Take a Report
  • 11-29 – Clear Record/No Want
  • 11-41 – Ambulance Needed
  • 11-44 – Coroners Case – Dead on Floor
  • 11-45 – Suicide
  • 11-46 – Death
  • 11-47 – Injured Person
  • 11-48 – Provide Transportation
  • 11-51 – Pedestrian Stop
  • 11-52 – Status Check
  • 11-53 – Security Check
  • 11-80 – Accident, Serious Injury
  • 11-81 – Accident, Minor Injury
  • 11-82 – Accident, Property Damage Only
  • 11-83 – Accident, No Details
  • 11-99 – Need backup its Emergency

Status Codes
  • Code 0 - ((Game Crash))
  • Code 1 – Routine Response Type (Not a Priority)
  • Code 2 – Urgent Response Type (Lights and Sirens at Intersections)
  • Code 3 – Emergency Response Type (Lights and Sirens)
  • Code 4 – No Further Assistance Needed/Enough Officer on Scene
  • Code 5 – Stakeout
  • Code 6 – Marked Units Remain Clear of the Area
  • Code 7 – Meal Break
  • Code 33 - Radio Silence for an Emergency Situation

  • IC1 – White

  • IC2 – Black

  • IC3 – Latino

  • IC4 – Middle Eastern

    IC5 – Asian (Chinese etc.)
  • IC6 – Unknown ethnicity

  • 4- Force Matrix

    Force Level 1

    - Suspect may be verbally assaulting you or others
    - Suspect starts to show aggression in his tone of speaking
    - Suspect may be taunting you, or using foul language

    Your Actions:
    At this point in time you are not authorized to use any physical means of force at all. You may issue verbal warnings at this point in an attempt to calm down the suspect. No hands on or support equipment required.

    Force Level 2
    - Suspect has committed a crime
    - Suspect is disobeying direct orders from a LEO
    - Suspect is starting to hint at violent actions
    - Suspect is starting to make aggressive movements with his body
    - Suspect may seem to be preparing for a physical engagement
    - Suspect is increasingly getting worse with his aggression in his tone against you, or others
    - Suspect is showing disrespect against you or another person

    Your Actions:
    At this point in time you are not authorized to use any secondary equipment. Call for assistance using a Code 2 Backup request, and move to a hands on approach of trying to escort the person from the situation or away from potential victims using voice commands and light gestures. ((* Jesse Ventura gently pushes the man in the other direction)).

    Force Level 3
    - Suspect has committed a crime
    - Suspect may be using physical contact against you or another person
    - Suspect may be using a non lethal weapon on you or another person
    - Suspect may be threatening your life or another persons life
    - Suspect is actively involved in any physical fight

    Your Actions:
    At this time you are only allowed to only use a tazer, pepper spray or a nightstick to detain the suspect. You are to call in for code three backup from other officers at this time. Under no circumstances should you withdraw your firearm unless the situation reaches force level 4 for a serious assault or crime.

    Force Level 4
    - Suspect has done or is committing a felony crime
    - Suspect is brandishing a firearm
    - Suspect is assaulting another person with a vehicle
    - Suspect has placed your life or another persons life in danger
    - Suspect is seriously assaulting another person ((causing the person or you to be on low health))

    Your Actions:
    At this point and time we observe that the suspect is possibly threatening another human life. At this point and time you are allowed to upholster your firearm and take aim on the suspect. Under no means should you ever fire unless the force level reaches 5. Also you are NEVER to tazer any suspect that is actively discharging a firearm. Note: If you warn someone to put away/drop a firearm and they do not comply, after the fifth warning you are expected to use your own judgment on how to handle the situation.

    Force Level 5
    - Suspect has done or is committing a serious felony crime
    -Suspect is in the act of seriously assaulting you or another person to near death
    - Suspect has a firearm and is aiming at you or other civilians
    - Suspect may be firing the firearm at you or other civilians
    - Suspect may be in a car attempting to hit you or other civilians
    - Suspect is fleeing in a vehicle after three warnings have been issued
    - Suspect has a hostage

    Your Actions:
    At this point you are allowed to open fire at the suspect and shoot to kill. You are to do your best to avoid these situations but if they occur you are authorized to use deadly force. In regards to the suspect fleeing in a vehicle after you have gave him his ample supply of warnings your partner may shoot out his tires with approval. Once you hit one tire you should not be shooting anymore. You should radio in for code 3 assistance

    5- Miranda Rights

    Miranda Rights are an important part of our constitution in real life. If a police officer in real life were to forget to read the suspect his rights the suspect would be able to have all charges dropped and possibly get himself fired. Every time you put cuffs on a suspect regardless of the location or situation you must read these rights each and every time. Failure to do so will result in a infraction. There are many versions of the Miranda Rights yet we only use the one provided below.

    You have the right to remain silent.
    Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law.
    You have the right to an attorney after initial processing has been completed.
    If you can not afford one, one will be appointed to you.
    Do you understand these rights as I have said them?

    6-Chain of Command

    You are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the police department works. So if someone is a higher rank than you and tell you something you better do it. As a cadet you may feel like you know everything there is to know. Trust us you don't. Keep in mind once you screw around at any rank chances are you will be removed. Respect everyone in the police department no mater what their rank is.

    7- Internal Affairs

    Infraction Strikes:

    - Painting government cruisers, or having/using other illegal modifications. (This excludes nitro for car chases.)

    - Wearing the incorrect uniform while on duty.
    - Using unauthorized weapons. (Cadets - M4 - SWAT Officers - Grenades/Smoke/Spas/Sniper)
    - Going undercover without permission.
    - Reckless driving. (Non RP Driving)
    - Using unauthorized vehicles.
    - Patrolling alone when a Cadet needs a partner.
    - Patrolling alone as a Cadet.
    - Fucking around at reassignment.
    - Being intoxicated on duty. (Drinking)
    - Using /dept as a Officer or below without permission.
    - Going off assigned duties.
    - Tazing/Detaining someone without giving them prior warning of stopping.
    - Taking the cruiser of another Officer/LEO without asking them beforehand.

    - IC/OOC insults to another LEO.
    - Use of force without verbal warning.
    - Bringing the person's faction into disrepute.
    - Using unreasonable/excessive force.
    - Rushtazing.
    - Lack of professionalism. (Whining/Immaturity/Fucking Around)
    - Insubordination.
    - Clearing wanted points off a suspect without prior notice nor permission.
    - Freeing suspects from the cells without prior notice nor permission.
    - Allowing unauthorized visitors in the garage.
    - Possession of Narcotics.
    - Possession of Materials.
    - Conspiracy of selling Materials / Narcotics / Firearms.
    - Taking a civilian vehicle without giving them a reason beforehand.

    - Spamming in /r(adio) or /dept
    - Stacking charges.
    - Using any kind of unnecessary force on a suspect while Tazed/Cuffed.
    - Abuse of powers.

    - Material running without permission.
    - Assault on another Officer.
    - Revealing an IA Agent's name.

    - Corruption. (Results in removal from the faction...)



    If a Cadet reaches their third strike, instead of getting suspended, they will get fired.


    One strike will result in closer observation for subsequent misbehavior. No direct action will be taken.

    Two strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 2-5 days.

    Three strikes will result in demotion to previous held rank.

    Four strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 4-10 days.

    Five strikes will result in getting discharged from the PD (( fired )). There may also be a condition set, where said person may not be able to rejoin the PD for a certain period of time, for example, two weeks.

    Clarifications relating to Internal Affairs:

    Internal Affairs is and always has been a separate entity from the LSPD's main body. Although they generally have rank two or three in-game, OOCly they are in fact unlisted ranks. In essence, IA officers have no authority over LSPD units excluding in matters of Internal Security, stability, and in all matters of IA investigation, also the same applies in reverse. However, since IA Officers are also kept secret from everybody but the Director and the Chief's they will follow orders unless they are working on an IA case, in which case they will not be required to follow that. Also note that only one Captain and one Sergeant will be in the IA and these people will be public and also able to give/take orders, unless the orders taken are in conflict with the IA.

    They are both above and below the authority of all ranks but the Chief(s) and the divisional leader of the Internal Affairs department. As the Chief is immune to infractions as is the IA commander.

    Deputy Chiefs and below are however not immune to Internal Affairs jurisdictional matters and can receive infractions. Although this as far as I can recall has never happened, yet it is possible.

    IA officers although generally are shall we say keeping an eye on things during quiet times it has been permitted to assist in patrols, pursuits or respond to crimes. Although that is not their focus.

    IA officers are able to use LSPD cars if desired along with civilian cars.

    IA is not here to mess up your day or get you into trouble, generally it was established to point out officer mistakes and offer advice. We're not here for a witch hunt and unless a serious accusation or suspicion is relevant. We generally don't follow you around. You don't need to be so concerned when there's an IA operative around.

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    Posted by: Justine - 9 hours ago - Forum: Gang/Families Announcements - No Replies

    !!GANG RULES!!

    1.Capturing Turf: You Must Be At The Turf With 3 Or More Members Inside The Blinking Turf

    2.Inviting Members: You Need To Test The Person Or Role PlayWith Him Teach Him Some Rules Etc Before inviting him/her. If He Passed The Test.

    3.Point: Before Capturing Point All Members Online Should Be There, Gang Can Only Capture 3 Points. 
    4.K.O.S & DeathMatching: Arent Allowed For Gang Members To Do That Without Any Valid Reason. Or Your Gang Can Have Strikes Or Worst More

    5.Strikes: Family That Has 1 Strike Can Only Capture 1 Point. Family That Has 2 Strikes Can Only Capture 1 Point. Family That Has 3 Strikes Cannot Capture Or Claim Any Turf. Or Your Gang Can Be Disband If You Got 3 Strikes. It Depends On Your Gang Violation.. 

    6. Leaders Or Members Of A Gang: Should Follow This Rules Or Your Gang Can Have Strike Or Disband.

    By:Justine D.O.G.M

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      Shadow Generation Gaming Rolyplay Discord Server Information
    Posted by: Daddy - Yesterday, 01:57 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

    [Image: shadowgen.png]

    Shadow Generation Gaming Roleplay's Discord Server Information.

    Discord link :

    Best regards,

    [Image: DqgnApc.png]

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      Business Posting Rules [Must Read]
    Posted by: Cardinal - 12-11-2018, 04:34 AM - Forum: Department of Business Management - No Replies

    [Image: HTIc7wU.png]

    1. Keep the business topic active
    • Please keep your business topic active with relevant information and/or screenshot of your business. A topic that has been inactive for twenty-eight days plus will get archived and locked.
      Notes: If your thread has been archived and locked due to inactivity, please contact any Forum Moderator to have it moved back or unlocked.
    2. Do not plagiarize
    • If you use content/ideas from another area then give them credit they deserve. It is not only recommended but it is BEST that you first ask the original content provider before posting the story & credit. If they don't want you to copy then respect their wishes.
      Punishments: Topic locked and a forum warning
    3. Do not troll, flame, or insult players or their businesses
    • Do not troll or flame players or their businesses. The forum rules applies here just as any other place. This also includes putting a business down in a demeaning way by creating sarcastic topics and/or openly insulting them.
      Punishments: Forum warning up to a forum ban depending on the severity
    4. Respect the thread owner
    • Please respect the thread owners' wishes. If a thread owner wishes in his own thread to stop posting in that thread, just stop doing so and refer to a PM or other method of communication instead. The thread owner is in charge of the business and the business thread. He/she have the right to decide what can or can not be posted in his/her own business thread.
      Punishments: Forum warning

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      About Business Creation
    Posted by: Cardinal - 12-11-2018, 04:30 AM - Forum: Department of Business Management - No Replies

    [Image: HTIc7wU.png]

    This board serves as a showcase to display activity around your business or company that does not necessarily tie to a faction. You can also use the board for businesses that belong to a faction already, but their story and activity are strong enough to represent themselves on their own. The section can be used to show-case business role-play as well as serve as an area to advertise openings, events and list any vital information tying to your business such as drink/food menus, building details or other information that an individual might want to know when visiting your business.

    1. Exemplary threads will be awarded with sticky status in the forum section.
    2. The thread must be active (role-play screenshots, opening posters, updates, etc).
    3. Each business can only have one topic in the section
    4. Common sense and the global forum rules still apply to this forum.

    Active businesses are able to request minor script changes, such as small outside mapping, signs, garages, barriers, labels and similar.

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    Star Verona Crime Syndicate
    Posted by: Byakko Sumiyoshi - 12-11-2018, 02:02 AM - Forum: Roleplay Threads - No Replies

    All the informations will be posted soon.

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