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Form submission: Suggestions
Describe the suggestion in a few words?: Faction Job / Government

In-game name?: Marcus Blade

Does your suggestion require scripting?: Yes

Does your suggestion directly affect the SA-MP server?: Yes

What's the suggestion?: Creating a job point for faction members [leos] to be able to actually make money while still doing their roleplay in game duties.

[ As a faction member we dump our wealth into turfs spending 2x the amount gang members do to matrun for these specific firearms. While doing that we have a higher rate of dying and losing said firearms due to the large rate that our roleplay scenarios turn into gunfights 50% of the time. With that high of a rate we cannot sustain a decent wealth if not already established and have to work secondary jobs and leave our leo duties. Losing player interaction and sacrificing safety of other players for money that we will more than likely lose at the end of the hour. ]

The job I suggest creating is security detail for transporting assets. Using assets as broad term as it could be multiple things.
[Firearms to Area51 / Gold to a depository / Cash from the Casino to another county]

This job could be started by a higher ranking LEO and should have a decent cooldown. It should have a decently large travel route as well to give a chance to the opposing side.

When the high ranking LEO starts this job they should be given a marker to a Securicar [credit to josh sols] where they will begin their journey to a determined [random] destination depending on the roleplay asset they will be transporting.

When the LEO reaches the vehicle to begin travel gangs should get a notification that they are attempting to transport whatever roleplay object to point B. It would be their duty to locate and attempt to raid this securicar if they choose to do so.

Since objects are limited if the gang successfully raids the car it should drop moneybags that need to be transported to the same location. Upon picking these up the said member should be given a most wanted status. If killed they should drop the object and either side should have the ability to re-possess the object. Overtime the object should despawn and profit for it be lost.


Government should be re-opened. I know this has been discussed a lot and the decision to not restart it has a huge impact on us law enforcement officers. We work for the government and still pay taxes to it yet receive no bonuses at all for working for them. If you're not going to reopen government then you need to find a solution for LEOS to be able to feel like they are actually working for the government and not as a gang be it tax reduction or elimination or not paying for vehicle repairs as a start.

Do you believe your suggestion is exploitable? If so, in which way?: Server Offenses should be enforced on this suggestion [ex. RK]
So yes.

Does this suggestion have an impact on the admin team?: Yes


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