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[Announcement] Business Policy
[Image: HTIc7wU.png]

[Image: ysNwX1n.png]
Department of Business Management
[Image: ysNwX1n.png]

This a new business policy if you want to create your own business.

1.0 Business is now can only obtain by making a roleplay thread or donating for it. If you're creating a roleplay               thread, make sure that your topic is active.

1.1 Every family/gang can now own a business for roleplay purposes. Just make sure that your family is active in-         game. Just contact me in-game for your business to set-up.
  • Your family must be official and listed on forums that is approved by the Gang Management.
1.2 If a player gets permanently banned; their business will be reset/deleted off right away.
More policy update will be posted soon.

1.3 If a player is inactive or not online for 1 month; their business will be reset or deleted off right away.

NOTE: No more free business will be given out in-game. If you found an admin giving free business, report it to me or to Daddy and action will be made. You will also receive a reward for it.

Director of Business Management
Jesse L. Martin

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