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Fighter Pilot Discharged after Friendly Fire
PUBLISHED: 13:43, Thur, Jan 31, 2019

During the war between the Tierra Robada and the San Sandreas, one of the San Andreas Air Force pilot was forced to return to base after hitting friendly troops in the area of operation.
The joint-terminal attack controller, Harry James, said that the Hydra pilot attacked a friendly armoured personnel carrier with an AGM maverick missile twice. The pilot was not responding during the attack and that Harry alerted all squad leaders in the AO of the Hydra's presence, but failed.

JTAC CPL Harry James Wrote:I just kept hearing screams from the radio, nothing else.

The pilot, who remains to be anonymous, has been discharged from the air force and is charged for murder.

Click here to sign the petition to kill the pilot for justice.

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